The Success Of Human Resource Department



The success of human resource department

The human resources department (HR) is a core component of every business success. It is mandated to select, manage and reward the human resource. Motivated staff means a happy customer hence increase sales. This department has seen changes over the years especially with the advancement of technology. The human resource department of the 1950s is different from what we have today. Even with the change, the common factor of the past and present human resource department is working towards the success of the business. Then how do you know the department is performing?

It should contribute in attaining all the goals of the business.

Every business should have targets, whether quarterly or annual targets. For these targets to be realized, every sector of the business should contribute. The human resource should align all the personnel towards achieving the targets.  A marketing initiative should not be left to the marketing department alone, but every member of the staff should play a role. The human resource manager has to play a big role of interlinking every department towards the marketing initiative.

All personnel should feel part of the business.

It is the work of the human resource manager to see the need of every staff is taken cared. That mean, the human resource department should be a place where personnel are made to feel like they own the business. If you own something, you give your best to make it better. Personnel who feel a sense of ownership will always work towards the growth of the business. If the staffs are demoralized, not performing, then the human resource department is failing on its work.