European Economy – Minimum wage and politics

I often wonder what will happen in the coming years with all of the unbalanced economic activity in the European Union. We have so much to think of moving forward, and we are not alone with North America having similar issues. The welfare minister mentioned that disabled people should be paid less than minimum wage. We have this kind of ongoing politically sensitive topics continually coming to the forefront in both Europe and North America as the fights for minimum wage increases goes on. Many of the jobs and pay that disabled persons are performing are supposed to help them move into regular employment and there are training programs with this intention. It’s interesting we keep hearing about companies taking advantage of marginalized groups at the expense of their monthly wages.

protesting minimum wages in America

Many of these people end up using money loans, like Ferratum UK, which helps provide financial assistance to people when times are tough.

I wonder if we will ever make universal headway into these sort of labour disputes, or will it all be pushed overseas where law is less enforceable. One can only hope that in the future we have the opportunity to change the way we discuss these kind of issues and make some real headway into a dialogue on minimum wage jobs.


Armed Forces Gets a Billion


Our economy as with many countries always gets a boost when the Government spends money, and this week, a massive investment in our armed forces was announced by the Prime Minister David Cameron

All economies of the world are dictated by how the government re invests our tax money, and as with the US announcing massive infrastructure plans  after the financial crisis in 2007, an investment in the UK armed forces, is just the same and can give the economy a boost, if the money is spent correctly.

We see a Billion Pounds coming into our economy which may seem like a lot, but compared to the 700 billion dollars spent by the United States last year on Defence, it is just a small drop in the ocean for technology based home land security.

Let’s hope it is all spent in the UK

Chinese Investment Soars in the UK

Well more money into the UK from China in 18 months, than in the past 30 years. China invested over 8 Billion pounds in 2012-13, and this week after a meeting with David Carmeron, The Chinese premier Mr Li, along with a very large business delegation, are likely to invest another 18 billion pounds in the UK, within energy and finance.

Visa changes and a visit with the Queen at windsor castle  probably helped ..alot

UK Business is Global

UK Business is Global

Chinese Business to The UK… is Simple

The Queen meets Mr Li


The Global economy is built on relationships between governments, and countries. This is the most important and simplest way to build a countries economy and it beggars belief, some of the restrictions that stop this happening, and seem to be farcical in their most basic form.  Like visas for instance, you may or may not know, that The UK is not part of the “shengen visa system” This is an open visa sysyem that allows business people, from around the world to visit 26 countries, in and around europe, with a single Visa…. but hey! not the UK.

Well it seems a quick visit from The Chinese premier to the UK this week. maybe it was meeting the Queen….and changes that should have been made years ago happen overnight, and a single “shengen” visa has been approved for chinese visitors and it will be easier for chinese visitors and business people to enter the UK using a shengen visa, but still this is not extended to the other shengen visa countries WHY?