This blog is dedicated to the cause of explaining and exploring the economic phenomena that shape the world around us. Global economy has far-reaching impacts on all fields, and it has become more important than ever to study the trends that impact global economy. The world, indeed, has become flat. The impact of globalization has touched almost every nook and cranny, and the enormous implications of the same cannot be ignored, especially where developing countries are concerned.

This blog will take a look at the economic trends affecting the global market, all the while exploring themes relating to the economies of the developing world.

About Me

My name is Richard Maciel and I  hold a doctorate degree from the University of Carolina in economics and developmental studies. After an active lifetime on boards of several companies in South-East Asia and Japan, I currently serve as a consultant to multi-national companies indulging in business activities with companies in Asia. I am also a part-time blogger, and have a regular column in the newspaper, where I share my opinion about the economy in the developing nations.


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