Asian Economy – The Future is Uncertain

Asia has been the site of growth in the past decade. But in the coming years Asia is going to slow down. China’s economy has grown with sluggish rate past year, and the Future is not so bright.

Lack of demand locally, political instability and terrorism has led to uncertainty in policy making. Major development is the slump of Hong Kong, Indonesia and Singapore.

China which was the driving force in the past decade with double digit growth. However growth of this degree is not going to continue. It is the same old property market crash that is responsible for the slowdown in China.

Slowdown in China Economy

Distress in Chinese Economy

In this bleak scenario, there is a silver lining. The South East Asian economy led by India is going strong. It is not big but signals are of growth. India is experiencing an increase in growth by 15% as compared to last year. The markets are growing with a stable government in India. Exports have shown a double digit growth in all major nations of the region. Many countries like Bangladesh are really picking up. Sri Lanka is showing continued strong growth at 8.2%. India in a major policy shake up has US supporting with export policy relaxation. Infrastructural growth is picking up leading to major investors drawn to the area. So Asia will have a flat growth. But the encouraging factor is that the region as a whole will continue its upswing. The only worrying factor is China. The major worry for China is the Property slowdown which can be taken care of by changing the credit policy. So, fasten you seat belts the bump is coming!!!!!


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