How do international students contribute to the economy?

Theresa May’s recent antics have caused quite a buzz around town. The National Union for Students is staunchly against her wishes to send international students back home after finishing their education without getting a chance to find work within the country, and many international students have expressed their discontent too.

This discontent stems from the fact that international or Non-EU students contribute quite a lot to the UK economy every year, and they do deserve to find work in the country. First of all, non-EU students pay higher fees to study here- UK is supposed to have received about £8 billion through fees from non-EU students alone. Besides this, international students’ expenditure outside the university contributes about £3.8 billion to the economy.

International Students Economic Contribution

Besides this, non-EU students are supposed to have generated about 20% of the output in the higher education sector, and they continue creating new jobs every single year. Not only is it a bad idea to provide education to a set of people and then turning these qualified individuals away from the country an ethical bad idea, it is a bad idea for the economy too. A lot of non-EU students have reported feeling unwelcome in the UK, and such laws are not going to encourage feelings of goodwill towards the country, either.


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